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New prices updated as of 18 April 2024... "Beetle Only" service for Moose skulls is no longer an option.



Our Story:

Graybeards Beetles is a small veteran owned taxidermist shop located in Wasilla, AK.  Don't let the name fool you.  Although we started out specializing in using dermestid beetles to gently clean skulls and bones to produce top quality European mounts we have grown into much more. With the help of some mentorship from some top knotch taxidermists in the area we added rugs and life size mammals. Plans were already in the works to add a limited number of shoulder mounts to the books when a local friend and mentor decided to close his shop.  With that news and the help of inheriting a number of his past customers Graybeard's has grown into a full service taxidermy shop.  

About the bugs:

Dermestid beetles consume meat and sinew without harming the underlying bone. Known as “nature’s clean-up crew”, they provide an excellent way of preparing your skulls and trophies for display. Our colonies are maintained year-round and are standing by to prepare your trophies from Alaska or elsewhere for European mounts or simple display.

The Process:

              We do not boil your skulls to remove meat and sinew like many taxidermists. The boiling process can weaken or damage the bone structure, especially the delicate bones in the nasal passage. Instead, our beetles will quickly and efficiently remove all material from the skull without compromising the integrity of the bone structure. All that is left is for the remaining bone to be degreased and whitened. Bugs are housed in their own facility to protect your taxidermy.


Our Promise:   

We hope you get out and enjoy the wonderful hunting and trapping that Alaska has to offer. No matter the time of year, Alaska has many great opportunities to make memories in the field. And when you are ready to preserve your memories please give us a call to prepare your trophy.

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